Finding Achievement

What does it take to achieve?  What must we give in terms of time, work and resources to make something of […]

The Anti-Leader as Business Model

Think back over the past twenty-five years of business history, a period when corporations restructured and transformed without cessation to […]

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Computer vs. Human Code

Here is a fundamental question: Will the machines take over one day? Recently, this question knocked on my consciousness in a number […]


The Ever-Present Eye

On the Fourth of July, America’s official birthday, another birth of sorts was happening; the birth of a viral controversy. […]

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Disney Was Right – Everyone Needs Deadlines

I’m sitting between two summertime favs: vacation and the 4th of July. Last week, I traveled to Florida with my family […]

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Leadership: The Mercy of Not Being in Control

Is leadership synonymous with control? The question troubled me over the past week. I encountered a number of people who […]

NY Times FIFA Cartoon

FIFA: A Tale of Two Leaders

America has suddenly become very interested in soccer.   In a sweeping 47-count indictment released on May 27th, the US Justice […]

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Flying on Auto-Pilot

The more things become automatic, the more we need to be in control. This past week, I had the pleasure of […]

Photo Of An Abandoned Industrial Interior With Bright Light

Living Here in Allentown

Last week on MSNBC’s a.m. juggernaut, Morning Joe, Jack and Suzy Welch were plugging their latest book, “The Real Life MBA: […]

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Do You Want to Be Powerful or Influential?

Imagine you are negotiating your future with a great and mighty genie. He’s ready to grant you the ultimate tool […]