“The Tonight Show” Moment

You know the moment, when a meeting or offsite veers off toward the absurd. That foreseeable second when someone brings […]

In Praise of the Late Bloomer

“What a late bloomer really is, is somebody who blossoms on their own schedule.”             […]


Truth, Lies and Wisdom

The week of February 9, 2015 was a hard one for journalism. In what felt like one blow after another, […]


The Art of the Playcall

For a leader, making the right call is a combination of art, science and pure guts. Seattle Seahawks coach Pete […]

Lightbulb #2

Practical Knowledge

Many of us are enamored with the “Eureka!” moment – that moment of discovery that feels out-of-the-blue, transcendent and electric. […]

Offline wooden sign on a beautiful day


On January 12, 2015, National Public Radio announced its “Bored and Brilliant: The Lost Art of Spacing Out” project, complete […]

Businessman Holding Money And Clock. Time Is Money Concept

The Price of Success

“Be careful what you wish for.”   So reads the ad for the recently released film, “Into the Woods.” The […]

Happy beautiful woman opening a gift

The Gift

Throughout my career I’ve met people who have helped me, often giving of their time, their guidance or sometimes just […]

Broken bricks wall and landscape. Conceptual composition.

Career Obsolescence – Must It End With A Whimper?

In the 100 years since the end of World War I – the war greatly and foolishly named “The War […]

Time To Stop Concept Clock

Life Interrupting Life

The best-laid plans, beautifully crafted and lovingly sustained, are thrown to the wind when a crisis occurs. This happened to […]