Operating Mode

Listen. An awakening is emerging, noisy and insistent.  2017 began with the Women’s March, a global event estimated to have […]

With a Clear Voice

Less than two months ago, multiple women exposed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein as the man who had cruelly harassed, abused […]

Fight or Flight

For over 15 years I’ve plied my trade in transformation communications, helping companies and leaders bring organizations through periods of […]

Fright Night

One of the perks of running my own blog is I get to choose the topics I want to cover. […]

Now Is The Time. Are We Ready?

“The era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over.” […]

How Not To Lead In A Crisis

Hurricane Season 2017 is a rough one and we technically have two months left. There have been 13 events to […]

The “Moral” Entrepreneur

Every once in a while you get a chance to do something different. And so I was deeply fortunate last […]

Living Through Chaos

Floodwaters rise, tripping over boundaries we set to keep us safe, merciless in their unyielding desire to submerge everything around […]

Leading, Up Front and From Behind

Approximately 48 hours. That is how long it took President Donald J. Trump, in his second formal address before cameras […]


To anyone even remotely aware of the roller coaster engulfing Washington lately, events are moving at blazing speed. So blazing […]