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beautiful-view-of-sea-coastWe are, at last, at the end of the year. Many people grow nostalgic, or reflective, during these days. They see it as a time to put into context what they have experienced and set a forward course for what lies ahead.

When I look back on 2013, I see a year marked by lots of work and lots of forward movement. One of those years where you don’t necessarily see what is happening in real time but when you look back the progress is clear. It feels good, really good. The kind of good that emerges after pushing yourself to love a challenge; tired, humbled, satisfied.

And it is because of this feeling that I want to share my favorite DailyWorkLife blogs for 2013. I also want to share my gratitude for all the readers who commented, liked and followed my blog. Creating DailyWorkLife is a joy for me and, I hope, something of value for you.

The Clarity of Sleep: With love, to the start of it all.

Good Design: Ed Harris, Tim Brown and the well-designed life.

The Email Defense: Can an overburdened Inbox really be a legitimate excuse for negligence?

Marissa Mayer and the Female Executive Persona: Exploring the challenge that senior female leaders face – how to balance gravitas and femininity.

Nothing to Lose: This entry, centered on maintaining a spirit of adventure throughout one’s career, generated a lot of discussion.

Staying Relevant: Celebrating the contributions of Clifford Nass, the great researcher who put to rest the lie of multi-tasking.

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