The Anti-Leader as Business Model

donald-trumpThink back over the past twenty-five years of business history, a period when corporations restructured and transformed without cessation to avoid extinction. When technology created a new model of working and living that leaves us scarcely able to remember what existed before. When we yearned to hear the wisdom from the “anti-leader” whose principles, style and flattened organizational model thumbed its nose at the company man of old.

It’s hard for me to remember the moment when my perception of a successful professional shifted from Jack Welch to Steve Jobs. But it happened, as it likely happened for most people who wanted to learn how to succeed in modern times.

The anti-leader, like the anti-hero, is now the model to emulate. Richard Branson. Jeff Bezos, Indra Nooyi, Howard Schultz, all leaders who are rather “anti” the Deming-style model they learned in B-school.

I invite you to read my latest Huffington Post blog – “The Anti-Hero Candidacy of Donald Trump” – and its exploration of the hold the anti-hero has in modern social, political and, yes, business culture. If the anti-hero is our new political superstar, then the anti-leader is our new professional god.



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