Speak Softly If You Mean Business

New year, new US government, new geopolitics and new challenges for leaders in a world that feels decidedly “macho” in nature. Back in 2014, I published my first article in Huffington Post  about the need to expand the language used to describe action, success and leadership. The power of language in shaping perception and understanding is multi-layered, effecting not only superficial understanding of a topic but the ability of people to even embrace new concepts. If you don’t allow yourself to have a word for something, it doesn’t exist.

Over the course of the past week, I returned to the idea of perception and reality in a world now consumed with machismo in word and deed. Tough talk and rough action abounds. What might be lost if our social and economic world hues too tightly to this resurgence, and is the time for alternative language more necessary than ever?

I invite you to read “Speak Softly If You Mean Business” from March, 2014.

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