Do You Know Your Brand?

I was, and remain, an unabashed fan of Mad Men, the extraordinary AMC series about the life of ad exec Don Draper. The series chronicled the period arc of American life from the late 50’s through the early 70’s perfectly, captured through the intersecting lives of the people in Draper’s orbit.

After the show wrapped in May 2015, I wrote about its significance and connection to the concept of personal brand for HuffPost. The meaning of personal brand remains essential, even more so as American society collectively grapples with what it means to know something in a post-truth age. What does it mean to know your professional value these days? How much room does anyone have for reinvention? And how can one be clear about what they present to the outside world if they are uncertain about who they are within?

And so in a bid to underscore what it means to truly live your brand, I offer the post “I Am Don Draper” as this biweekly installment, originally published in HuffPost on May 21, 2015.

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