Vacation Time, D’oh!

I’m on vacation this week. Enjoying time with my family at the beach (or, as it is known to this Jersey Girl, the “Shore”). Lo and behold, two days ago I started scoping the next blog to publish on this last day of June. I had some good ideas, too, about leadership and my admiration for those who occupy the power behind the throne.

Then it hit me. What the hell was I doing? I am on¬†VACATION. Why am I pulling myself away from a week of down time with my family to do work? Isn’t there enough time in regular life for that?

So to honor the concept of vacation, and practice what I have previously preached, I am bringing my dear readers back to a blog I published in August, 2013 entitled “All Work and No Play.”¬†

Here’s to well-earned time off!

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