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At the Center of the World

Tomorrow, December 1, 2016 marks the 66th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ brave, quiet act in Montgomery, AL, an act that […]

What Do We Do Now?: A Lesson for New Leaders

“Marvin….what do we do now?” So ends the 1972 film “The Candidate” starring Robert Redford as neophyte Senate candidate Bill McKay, […]

Horror Show, or The Glass Cliff

Halloween is here and I am ready. Pumpkin purchased and ready for carving? Check. Candy bowl filled and sitting by […]

The Pesky Truth

When my children were young, we read them bedtime stories each night. Sandra Boynton and Eric Carle books were favorites, […]

The Beauty of Being Prepared

It’s Friday afternoon, the end of a long and productive week. I feel good, a bit drained and reflective. Yesterday […]

Staggering Leadership

I’ve been amazed this past week. Actually, a more accurate term would be gob smacked. To those who know me, […]

Leadership as Process

Earlier this month, I published a blog entitled “Leading from the Gut.” In the piece, I referenced work I had […]

Leading From The Gut

What is it about our culture’s fascination with instinctual leaders? You know, the type of leader who place great importance […]

Building the Future

I sat down earlier this year with Kevin Horek, host of “Building The Future,” a radio and TV show focused […]

Choosing a Partner, Veep or Otherwise

Choosing the right partner – political, professional or personal – is one of the most important decisions you can make. How […]