Everyday Work

Living Through Chaos

Floodwaters rise, tripping over boundaries we set to keep us safe, merciless in their unyielding desire to submerge everything around […]

Dog Days

Maybe I’m feeling the summer slump because I took my summer vacation at the start of the season. I am […]

Three Ways To Ride a Horse

I recently coached a client about a work issue; namely, how to work with people whose style and approach is […]

The Everyman

Bill Paxton died last weekend.  I fell in love with his acting rather late. His early work was notable but […]

A Kick In The Pants

Each day I awake and think to myself “What should I accomplish today?” Lest you think that sounds noble, it […]

The Beauty of Being Prepared

It’s Friday afternoon, the end of a long and productive week. I feel good, a bit drained and reflective. Yesterday […]

Choosing a Partner, Veep or Otherwise

Choosing the right partner – political, professional or personal – is one of the most important decisions you can make. How […]

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the US; a day in which we remember those who died in military service for […]

Powerful Land Mines

The topic of land mines came up last week as I was coaching a stellar professional grappling with hidden behavioral […]

Is Anatomy Destiny at Work?

This past Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, a day commemorating the point at which the average working woman matches the average […]