Everyday Work

Riding Two Horses

Changing careers: That sweet daydream you entertain when your workday is monotonous, the boss is acting like an unmentionable body […]

Head Space

How much would you give to have a bigger brain, one that could instantly remember everything in perfect detail and […]


Powerball fever is winding down. After a week of growing mania over who would win the $1.5 billion prize in […]

Taking Stock

I heard from an old friend and former colleague of mine last week. We had not communicated in at least […]

Stressed Out and Hung Over

Can we be honest here? Work-life balance is a fantasy, at least among those for whom the promise of balance […]

Frightening Career Moves

In anticipation of Halloween here in the States, I’ve been thinking about scary jobs, the kind most would find risky, […]

Disney Was Right – Everyone Needs Deadlines

I’m sitting between two summertime favs: vacation and the 4th of July. Last week, I traveled to Florida with my family […]

Flying on Auto-Pilot

The more things become automatic, the more we need to be in control. This past week, I had the pleasure of […]

Living Here in Allentown

Last week on MSNBC’s a.m. juggernaut, Morning Joe, Jack and Suzy Welch were plugging their latest book, “The Real Life MBA: […]

“The Tonight Show” Moment

You know the moment, when a meeting or offsite veers off toward the absurd. That foreseeable second when someone brings […]