Meaning of Work

The “Moral” Entrepreneur

Every once in a while you get a chance to do something different. And so I was deeply fortunate last […]

Do You Know Your Brand?

I was, and remain, an unabashed fan of Mad Men, the extraordinary AMC series about the life of ad exec […]

A Taxing Proposition

This mid-April weekend is a gentle reminder of the one thing many modern Americans agree on: our hatred of tax […]

Mind Games

Who are we kidding here? Turns out it might be ourselves.  Raj Raghunathan, marketing professor at The University of Texas, […]

Puritan’s Work

The Puritan work ethic, also known as the Protestant work ethic, is deeply embedded in the American psyche. The ethic […]

Finding Achievement

What does it take to achieve?  What must we give in terms of time, work and resources to make something of […]

Computer vs. Human Code

Here is a fundamental question: Will the machines take over one day? Recently, this question knocked on my consciousness in a number […]

Do You Want to Be Powerful or Influential?

Imagine you are negotiating your future with a great and mighty genie. He’s ready to grant you the ultimate tool […]

The Price of Success

“Be careful what you wish for.”   So reads the ad for the recently released film, “Into the Woods.” The […]

The Gift

Throughout my career I’ve met people who have helped me, often giving of their time, their guidance or sometimes just […]