Disney Was Right – Everyone Needs Deadlines

I’m sitting between two summertime favs: vacation and the 4th of July. Last week, I traveled to Florida with my family […]

Leadership: The Mercy of Not Being in Control

Is leadership synonymous with control? The question troubled me over the past week. I encountered a number of people who […]

FIFA: A Tale of Two Leaders

America has suddenly become very interested in soccer.   In a sweeping 47-count indictment released on May 27th, the US Justice […]

Flying on Auto-Pilot

The more things become automatic, the more we need to be in control. This past week, I had the pleasure of […]

Living Here in Allentown

Last week on MSNBC’s a.m. juggernaut, Morning Joe, Jack and Suzy Welch were plugging their latest book, “The Real Life MBA: […]

Do You Want to Be Powerful or Influential?

Imagine you are negotiating your future with a great and mighty genie. He’s ready to grant you the ultimate tool […]

“The Tonight Show” Moment

You know the moment, when a meeting or offsite veers off toward the absurd. That foreseeable second when someone brings […]

In Praise of the Late Bloomer

“What a late bloomer really is, is somebody who blossoms on their own schedule.”             […]

Truth, Lies and Wisdom

The week of February 9, 2015 was a hard one for journalism. In what felt like one blow after another, […]

The Art of the Playcall

For a leader, making the right call is a combination of art, science and pure guts. Seattle Seahawks coach Pete […]