Who is Kristina DiPalo?

Kristina DiPaloKristina DiPalo is the founder and driving force behind DailyWorkLife. Having worked in Corporate America for many years, she decided in late 2011 to launch her own communications consulting firm focused on two main objectives: helping companies deal with big change and helping leaders become better reflections of their true selves through coaching.

DailyWorkLife is a natural extension of her professional passion. The challenge of change, whether enterprise-wide or personal, lies in how people experience it; the ambiguity, the fear, the surprises and the sense that one’s professional purpose has been upended. DailyWorkLife focuses on the experience of change, what it demands of leaders and professionals alike, and  the way it molds the future during times of big change and during the day-to-day rhythm we all live.

Kristina is a contributor to The Huffington Post in addition to DailyWorkLife. 

Bringing DailyWorkLife to Where You Are


Want to bring DailyWorkLife to your space?

Kristina is ready and willing to speak at your next event, conference or meeting. Combining content specific to your own needs along with stories of leadership, change and triumph, Kristina will dive into what it means to live the daily work life. By doing so, she’ll help you see how purpose and integrity can be found in every endeavor.

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